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  • Best Job Portal to Give New Heights To Your Career

    UptoJobs.com is one of the best online job portals for those who are looking for a job or job change. Just upload your resume here and get your dream job
  • BPO Service Provider | Start Your Own BPO Company

    Are you looking for a trusted BPO service to partner with your business? Confused about which one is the better service provider? If yes then here’s a guide for you that will...
  • Grid-based dataset of Barcelona POIs

    This is a processed dataset, generated by a) a set of datasets collected from the open portal of Barcelona city containing points-of-interest and b) image of Barcelona city...
  • Barcelona - Territory

    Open data from Barcelona City Council regarding housing, town planning and infraestructures
  • Barcelona - Population

    Open data from Barcelona City Council regarding demography, education, society and welfare
  • Barcelona - Economy and Business

    Open data from Barcelona City Council regarding trade, employment, science and technology
  • Barcelona - City and services

    Open data from Barcelona City Council regarding transport, culture and leissure, environment, tourism, security, sport, participation and public opinion
  • Barcelona - Administration

    Open data from Barcelona City Council regarding public sector, procurement, human resources, legislation and justice
  • Smart Points of Interest

    Smart Points of Interest is an open dataset published as Linked Open Data. It contains more than 33 million points of interest over the whole world.
  • Open Transport Map

    Open Transport Map (OTM) is a transport network that allows routing and visualization of traffic volumes in the entire European Union.
  • Open Land Use

    Open Land Use Map is a composite map reflecting detailed land-use. It's based on pan-Europen datasets such as CORINE Landcover, UrbanAtlas enriched by available regional data.
  • HIPE feature

    Four different feature representations of the HIPE data set. Each data set contains 36 features for 7 electrical attributes of 11 machines.
  • German train system by Deutsche Bahn

    German train system by Deutsche Bahn

    Sensor data recorded with a quadrotor helicopter around the campus of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in challenging outdoor and indoor environments is provided

    The Smart City Building Energy Resources (SCiBER) data set contains load values in kWh of 107 municipal buildings over a period of 4 years in a 15-minutes resolution.

    Frequent Observations from a Battery System with Subunits
  • KIT Whole-Body Human Motion Database

    Data of high-quality motion capture recordings of human whole-body motion.
  • The KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite

    The KITTI data set, co-founded by the Karlsruhe institute of technology and the Toyota institute of technology, is the largest evaluation data set of computer vision algorithms...
  • Velodyne SLAM

    Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) with Detection And Tracking of Moving Objects (DATMO) data.
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