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  • Latvian Open Data Portal

    More than 600 datasets from ~90 publishers- Latvian public authorities and organizationsvarious
  • PC1 Software defect prediction

    One of the NASA Metrics Data Program defect data sets. Data from flight software for earth orbiting satellite. Data comes from McCabe and Halstead features extractors of source...
  • Airlines Dataset

    Airlines Dataset Inspired in the regression dataset from Elena Ikonomovska. The task is to predict whether a given flight will be delayed, given the information of the scheduled...
  • Cardiotocography

    2126 fetal cardiotocograms (CTGs) were automatically processed and the respective diagnostic features measured. The CTGs were also classified by three expert obstetricians and a...
  • Climate model uncertainty quantification

    This dataset contains records of simulation crashes encountered during climate model uncertainty quantification (UQ) ensembles. Ensemble members were constructed using a Latin...
  • Synthetic Control Chart Time Series

    This data consists of synthetically generated control charts. This dataset contains 600 examples of control charts synthetically generated by the process in Alcock and Manolopoulos
  • Large Soybean Database

    This is the large soybean database from the UCI repository, with its training and test database combined into a single file.
  • Letter Image Recognition Data

    The objective is to identify each of a large number of black-and-white rectangular pixel displays as one of the 26 capital letters in the English alphabet.
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