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  • Open Transport Map

    Open Transport Map (OTM) is a transport network that allows routing and visualization of traffic volumes in the entire European Union.
  • Radar

    RADAR (Research Data Repository) is a cross-disciplinary repository for archiving and publishing research data from completed scientific studies and projects. The focus is on...
  • GovData

    GovData is the data portal for Germany. In the information area you will find everything you need to know about the topics of open data, open government and citizen...
  • SoChainDB: A Database for Storing and Retrieving Blockchain-Powered Social...

    SoChainDB framework facilitates obtaining data from blockchain-powered social networks since accessing and collecting data from these social networks is not easy. It often...
  • Hotel facilities - Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

    The DataSet contains the list of hotel facilities, including hotels and tourist residences certified by the municipalities and by the central production activities management.
  • Food and Wine Trails in Veneto

    List of Food and Wine and Panoramic Trails in Veneto. The list also contains a link for downloading the routes in GPX / KML format.
  • Alte Vie trails of the Veneto Dolomites

    List of Trails - High Routes of the Veneto Dolomites. The list also contains a link for downloading the routes in GPX / KML format.
  • Latvian Open Data Portal

    More than 600 datasets from ~90 publishers- Latvian public authorities and organizationsvarious
  • WikiLinkGraphs

    A complete, longitudinal and multilanguage dataset of the Wikipedia link networks
  • Vocational Training (offering of courses)

    Vocational Training - Trained students
  • SiStat Database

    Data portal of the Statistical Office of Slovenia
  • Slovenian Geoportal

    Spatial data geoportal is a common entry point of the Slovenian spatial data infrastructure. It enables access to datasets and network services established for spatial datasets,...
  • Odprti podatki Slovenije

    Open data portal by Ministry of public administration
  • Fáilte Ireland Open Data

    Fáilte Ireland is making certain data available under the Government Open Data Initiative. Currently three datasets are available, which are Accommodation, Activities and...
  • World Bank Open Data - Ireland

    Free and open access to more than 1000 time series indicators from the World Development Indicators
  • National Heritage Data Sets & Metadata

    These datasets have been created by the Heritage Council of Ireland in order to raise awareness of the facilities represented within each dataset, with the aim of promoting our...
  • StatFin

    The database contains statistical data concerning Finland by topic in Finnish, Swedish and English.
  • Eurovision 2021 song competition voting

    The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 was the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, and had 39 participating nations. 26 nations qualified for the final round. The total score...
  • Spotify Multi-Genre Playlists

    7 Different datasets, one for each Spotify category including: rock,blues,metal,hiphop,indie,pop and indie (might add more when I got the time later on).. Each row includes each...
  • Students at public universities

    Students at public universities per university Austria
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