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  • GreenCharge Open Research Data

    These datasets are collected from the pilots in the H2020 GreenCharge project
  • GENESIS Smart home

    Individual household electric power consumption Data Set
  • GENESIS Hourly Load Profiles

    Commercial and Residential Hourly Load Profiles for all TMY3 Locations
  • Grid-based dataset of Paris-Saclay POIs

    This is a processed dataset, generated by a) a set of datasets collected from the open portal of Paris-Saclay area containing points-of-interest and b) image of Paris-Saclay...
  • Tunnll Experiment - Pedestrian-routable OpenStreetMap-based dataset

    To allow a certain town to be "routable" for pedestrians, map data needs to contain information about streets, turns, intersections, lanes, street lines and pedestrian...
  • Environmental Protection Agency

    Datasets and Graphical Representations of various environmental topics.
  • Unemployment in European Union

    The data contains unemployment information by sex and age for European Union. The time span is from Jan 1983 to recent months (depends on the latest update, version 3 in under...
  • Sales and workload in retail industry

    The data includes information about sold goods resp. product units, the associated turnover and hours worked. This information is grouped by month, store and department of the...
  • Production in industry - annual data

    The data contains information on Production in industry - annual data. Geographies values are acronyms (2 characters) for EU countries and group of countries from Europe.
  • Vehicle Insurance Fraud Detection

    This dataset contains vehicle dataset - attribute, model, accident details, etc along with policy details - policy type, tenure etc. The target is to detect if a claim...
  • SiStat Database

    Data portal of the Statistical Office of Slovenia
  • Slovenian Geoportal

    Spatial data geoportal is a common entry point of the Slovenian spatial data infrastructure. It enables access to datasets and network services established for spatial datasets,...
  • ARSO

    Environmental agency of Slovenia, meteorological data
  • Fáilte Ireland Open Data

    Fáilte Ireland is making certain data available under the Government Open Data Initiative. Currently three datasets are available, which are Accommodation, Activities and...
  • POBAL HP Deprivation Index

    Pobal HP Deprivation Index at Electoral Districts (ED) level. This index data is calculated as the ED level aggregates from the 2006 and 2011 Census Small Area (SA) level data....
  • World Bank Open Data - Ireland

    Free and open access to more than 1000 time series indicators from the World Development Indicators
  • National Heritage Data Sets & Metadata

    These datasets have been created by the Heritage Council of Ireland in order to raise awareness of the facilities represented within each dataset, with the aim of promoting our...
  • Benefacts Database of Irish Nonprofits

    The data set includes >20,000 Irish organisations that fall within an internationally-recognised definition of civil society. They are voluntary, constituted on a not-for-...
  • BTDC

    BodenType Data Center One - Performance Measurements
  • StatFin

    The database contains statistical data concerning Finland by topic in Finnish, Swedish and English.
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