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  • Radar

    RADAR (Research Data Repository) is a cross-disciplinary repository for archiving and publishing research data from completed scientific studies and projects. The focus is on...
  • GovData

    GovData is the data portal for Germany. In the information area you will find everything you need to know about the topics of open data, open government and citizen...
  • SoChainDB: A Database for Storing and Retrieving Blockchain-Powered Social...

    SoChainDB framework facilitates obtaining data from blockchain-powered social networks since accessing and collecting data from these social networks is not easy. It often...
  • Latvian Open Data Portal

    More than 600 datasets from ~90 publishers- Latvian public authorities and organizationsvarious
  • Vehicle Insurance Fraud Detection

    This dataset contains vehicle dataset - attribute, model, accident details, etc along with policy details - policy type, tenure etc. The target is to detect if a claim...
  • SiStat Database

    Data portal of the Statistical Office of Slovenia
  • Slovenian Geoportal

    Spatial data geoportal is a common entry point of the Slovenian spatial data infrastructure. It enables access to datasets and network services established for spatial datasets,...
  • Odprti podatki Slovenije

    Open data portal by Ministry of public administration
  • StatFin

    The database contains statistical data concerning Finland by topic in Finnish, Swedish and English.
  • Travel Insurance Prediction Data

    The Data is provided for almost 2000 of its previous customers and you are required to build an Intelligent Model that can predict if the customer will be interested to buy the...
  • List of Austrian representation authorities with contact and geographic...

    Data from Austrian embassies, professional and honorary consulates, cultural forums and the permanent representations of Austria to international organizations (locations,...
  • Cooperation OGD Österreich

    All metadata of the Austrian metadata records published on data.gv.at
  • London Datastore

    Data released by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and other public sector organisations
  • UK open government data

    Data published by central government, local authorities and public bodies in UK
  • Genuine and forged banknotes

    Dataset about distinguishing genuine and forged banknotes. Data were extracted from images that were taken from genuine and forged banknote-like specimens. For digitization, an...
  • Glass Identification Database

    The study of classification of types of glass was motivated by criminological investigation. At the scene of the crime, the glass left can be used as evidence
  • Dublinked - Smart Data

    Data of different services in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Data.gov.ie

    The Open Data listed in data.gov.ie is published by Government Departments and Public Bodies
  • Open data catalogue with all types of information regarding the Catalan Region

    Open data from the Catalan Government regarding Culture and leisure, Demographics, Economy, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Finance, Health, Housing, Industry,...

    Open data from the Statistic Boureau of Catalonia
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