SoChainDB: A Database for Storing and Retrieving Blockchain-Powered Social Network Data

SoChainDB framework facilitates obtaining data from blockchain-powered social networks since accessing and collecting data from these social networks is not easy. It often requires in-depth blockchain knowledge, which is not the focus of computer science and social science researchers. To show the capacity and strength of SoChainDB, we crawl and publish Hive data - one of the largest blockchain-based social networks. Besides, the rich and valuable data from decentralized social networks also opens up several new directions for the research community to advance knowledge about human behavior.

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Author Hive Blockchain
Last Updated September 6, 2022, 07:17 (UTC)
Created September 6, 2022, 07:17 (UTC)
contactPoint Digital Innovation Hub for AI and Cybersecurity (DIH4AISec)
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creator Hoang H. Nguyen, Dmytro Bozhkov, Zahra Ahmadi, Nhat-Minh Nguyen and Thanh-Nam Doan
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