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  • Wood Anomaly Detection One Class Classification

    Wood anomaly detection learning exclusively from non-abnormal wooden textures
  • Smart Points of Interest

    Smart Points of Interest is an open dataset published as Linked Open Data. It contains more than 33 million points of interest over the whole world.
  • Open Transport Map

    Open Transport Map (OTM) is a transport network that allows routing and visualization of traffic volumes in the entire European Union.
  • Open Land Use

    Open Land Use Map is a composite map reflecting detailed land-use. It's based on pan-Europen datasets such as CORINE Landcover, UrbanAtlas enriched by available regional data.
  • SoChainDB: A Database for Storing and Retrieving Blockchain-Powered Social...

    SoChainDB framework facilitates obtaining data from blockchain-powered social networks since accessing and collecting data from these social networks is not easy. It often...
  • Pose estimation

    Dataset designed to train and evaluate pose estimation models from images. The goal of the task is to design a model that is able to predict the rotation and translation of the...
  • Cities with the Best Work-Life Balance 2022

    Cities with the Best Work-Life Balance 2022. Three aspects of work-life balance: 1) Work Intensity 2) Society and Institutions 3) City Liveability

    The System Dynamics Model covers all five sectors of the Nexus of Azerbaijan. Namely the climate, water, land, food and energy sector and their interlinkages. The SDM has been...
  • CyberLab Honeynet Dataset

    This dataset contains all data collected by the CyberLab honeynet experiment, from May 2019. The experiment was based on the Cowrie honeypot (https://github.com/cowrie/cowrie,...

    This dataset contains the heterogeneous monitoring data collected by the different monitoring systems throughout development and testing for the assessment of the user's condition
  • Forest Datasets

    2 Datasets of forests for Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques
  • WikiLinkGraphs

    A complete, longitudinal and multilanguage dataset of the Wikipedia link networks
  • DIAMOND project Open Datasets

    The heterogeneous and disaggregated datasets gathered through the executed data collection campaigns are classified in following categories: Structured data (Use Cases I, III...
  • GreenCharge Open Research Data

    These datasets are collected from the pilots in the H2020 GreenCharge project
  • GENESIS Hourly Load Profiles

    Commercial and Residential Hourly Load Profiles for all TMY3 Locations
  • ACTION citizen science data

    A collection of datasets created by pollution-focused citizen science projects in the ACTION project, comprising sensor logs, surveys, classifications, images, etc.
  • Unemployment in European Union

    The data contains unemployment information by sex and age for European Union. The time span is from Jan 1983 to recent months (depends on the latest update, version 3 in under...
  • Sales and workload in retail industry

    The data includes information about sold goods resp. product units, the associated turnover and hours worked. This information is grouped by month, store and department of the...
  • Production in industry - annual data

    The data contains information on Production in industry - annual data. Geographies values are acronyms (2 characters) for EU countries and group of countries from Europe.
  • Vehicle Insurance Fraud Detection

    This dataset contains vehicle dataset - attribute, model, accident details, etc along with policy details - policy type, tenure etc. The target is to detect if a claim...