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  • ebiz

    Analysis of e-procurement processes based on different negotiation strategies and several characteristics. The data offer posibilities to analyse different spend management...
  • Slovakia - TERRITORY

    The possibility of spatial analysis based on different dataset provided by the platform https://data.gov.sk/ related to support of the agricultural, food sector and the...

    Dataset of scheduled videoconference meetings and live streaming event from national telepresence infrastructure since 2016. There is possibility to see connected nodes and...
  • NETFLOW_001

    The possibility of measuring network flows based on different needs in computer networks with different characteristics. Measured network flows are obtained with CISCO equipment...
  • Open Transport Map

    Open Transport Map (OTM) is a transport network that allows routing and visualization of traffic volumes in the entire European Union.
  • Open Land Use

    Open Land Use Map is a composite map reflecting detailed land-use. It's based on pan-Europen datasets such as CORINE Landcover, UrbanAtlas enriched by available regional data.
  • German train system by Deutsche Bahn

    German train system by Deutsche Bahn
  • SmartAQnet 2020 Dataset

    This is the dataset collected by the SmartAQnet project. The dataset was collected in the model region of Augsburg, Germany between 2017 and 2020 and contains 248,572,003...
  • Radar

    RADAR (Research Data Repository) is a cross-disciplinary repository for archiving and publishing research data from completed scientific studies and projects. The focus is on...
  • GovData

    GovData is the data portal for Germany. In the information area you will find everything you need to know about the topics of open data, open government and citizen...
  • SoChainDB: A Database for Storing and Retrieving Blockchain-Powered Social...

    SoChainDB framework facilitates obtaining data from blockchain-powered social networks since accessing and collecting data from these social networks is not easy. It often...
  • Hotel facilities - Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

    The DataSet contains the list of hotel facilities, including hotels and tourist residences certified by the municipalities and by the central production activities management.
  • Bed and Breakfast - Friuli Venezia Giulia

    The Dataset contains the list of Bed and Breakfasts certified by the Municipalities and by the central management of productive activities
  • Latvian Open Data Portal

    More than 600 datasets from ~90 publishers- Latvian public authorities and organizationsvarious
  • CyberLab Honeynet Dataset

    This dataset contains all data collected by the CyberLab honeynet experiment, from May 2019. The experiment was based on the Cowrie honeypot (https://github.com/cowrie/cowrie,...
  • Health Research Board

    Information from the HRB's five National Health Information Systems, and the HRB Evidence Centre.
  • Environmental Protection Agency

    Datasets and Graphical Representations of various environmental topics.
  • ACTION citizen science data

    A collection of datasets created by pollution-focused citizen science projects in the ACTION project, comprising sensor logs, surveys, classifications, images, etc.
  • Odprti podatki Slovenije

    Open data portal by Ministry of public administration
  • Benefacts Database of Irish Nonprofits

    The data set includes >20,000 Irish organisations that fall within an internationally-recognised definition of civil society. They are voluntary, constituted on a not-for-...